Hey Baltimore Nerds! Welcome to Nerd Nite number 19! Come out April 10th, grab a beer, and settle-in for the best 2 hours you’ll spend on a Wednesday! (Talks may not be in the order listed below.)

Talk #1: ‘The History and Significance of Memes’ by Mary Parrish

What are memes? Where do they come from? Why do they matter? All of these questions and more will be answered during this in depth and riveting presentation!

Bio: Mary Parrish is a jack-of-all-trades creative who lives and works in Baltimore. She enjoys long walks in Druid Hill Park, memes, and trying to find the best happy hour deals in the city.

Talk #2: Extreme environments in space and time by Dr. Hannah Wakeford

Earth has nothing on the universe when it comes to wild weather. Within our own solar system, there are storms so large that our entire planet would be engulfed three times over. The thousands of exoplanets we have uncovered feature not only alien worlds with alien sunsets, but also extreme weather and climates. Join Dr. Wakeford for an adventure into the most extreme weather known to science.

Bio: Hannah is the Giacconi Fellow at Space Telescope Science Institute where she uses the Hubble Space Telescope to try and understand the atmospheres of alien worlds orbiting other stars. Hannah also runs a podcast called Exocast, talking about extrasolar planets and what we are learning about them if you want to hear more.

Talk #3: SysAdmin Spotting: The journey of a math nerd to SysAdmin, Part 1 by Randy Philipp

What is a SysAdmin? What is Unix? How does one become a SysAdmin? Hopefully these will be answered in Randy’s talk about his personal journey from Math Nerd to Unix System Administrator. Along the way, we will meet celebrities of Computer Field (you might have heard of some of them), learn about a ISP house band, learn what TLAs are.

Bio: Randy is a SysAdmin, of the Unix variety (he doesn’t do Windows). He has turned his obsession with computers into an actual career. He started as a Mathematics major, so he actually knows some stuff. Beyond computers, he is also a Film Nerd, so do not be surprised if he drops some reference to a movie that nobody else has seen.