Hey Baltimore Nerds! Welcome to Nerd Nite number 20! Come out June 12th, grab a beer, and settle-in for the best 2 hours you’ll spend on a Wednesday!

Talk #1: Why the Avengers Aren’t the True Heroes of the Marvel Universe by Jaye Ferrone

Jaye Ferrone, resident vintage-wearing-cat-lady of Nerd Nite Baltimore, full time barber, part time student, all the time wino. Jaye is leaving beautiful Baltimore this summer to attend Univeristy of Arizona to pursue a grad and PhD program in sociolinguistics under her idol, Noam Chomsky. While an Uber-Nerd, Jaye hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars movies, no Star Trek, and until last month hadn’t picked up a comic book or knew anything about superheroes in or outside the Marvel Universe. So…. this could go badly.

Talk #2: Photo Manipulation and Misconduct in Biomedical Research by Tagide deCarvalho

Talk #3: A 360° View of History by Debbie Farthing

This presentation discusses the use of imaging technology to add both hi-def and 360° photographs to add elements to a presentation to aid in user interactivity. For my master’s thesis, I am creating an online exhibit that explores the various influences on 19th century women’s clothing. In conjunction with the Imaging Research Center at UMBC, in part, this thesis project aims to provide unprecedented access to the garments in the exhibit normally not available to the average person.
Bio: Debbie Farthing is a long-time collector of antique and vintage and owns a collection that spans from the 1750s to the 1950s. She is a graduate student at UMBC earning her master’s degree in Public History. She works as a collection manager for Gibson Island Historical Society and Hancock’s Resolution and volunteers at the Baltimore Museum of Industry creating historical clothing installations.


Tickets available online and at the door for $5! Profits go to charity of the audience’s choosing 🙂