Welcome, nerds of all kinds, to the fourth ever Nerd Nite Baltimore! Nerd Nite (in over 90 cities around the world!) combines imbibing and learning. Anyone with a passion can be a Nerd Nite speaker!

Join us for a night of educational drinking! Nerd Nite Baltimore is a bi-monthly event held at a local bar where information combines wth fun. Talks at Nerd Nite are typically 20 minutes with a rollicking Q&A afterward.

The barkeeps at De Kleine Duivel will keep your glasses full of delightful Belgian beer & spirits. (This is a 21 and over venue.)

This July we have three AWESOME speakers lined up for your entertainment:

Topic #1:

Sugar and Other White Powders: Pulling Back the Veil

Rachel Lajoie

Sugarcane, stevia plant, coca leaves, and wheat all have something in common: they aren’t white, but the powder we turn them into is. Discover what happens when you leave the color behind and what it means for our bodies, our health, and ultimately our freedom. About Courtney:

Rachel Lajoie is an astronomer turned Health Coach and the owner of Whole Living Wellness. Rachel has been interested in healthy eating and exercise since a very young age and even ran for NCAA in college. However, in graduate school Rachel developed an eating disorder and started binging…..on sugar. This issue taught Rachel to stop focusing on willpower alone and start asking why good people eat bad things. Rachel now uses her knowledge about how to change habits to help people end cravings and emotional eating, naturally maintain their ideal body weight, and live a life they love!

Topic #2:

The History and Chemistry of Beer

Joel Tolman, PhD

Discover the chemical transformation of a few simple ingredients in to what we call beer.

Joel Tolman is Professor of Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University and a long time home brewer.

Topic #3:

More than Words: Tales of the Unspeakable Brain

Sadhvi Saxena

Imagine you want to say “I love you,” but you can’t speak the words. Imagine you have a gluten allergy, but you can’t read the ingredient list. Imagine that this happens all of the time, despite the fact that your intelligence, thoughts and consciousness are intact. Some stroke and brain injury survivors have to deal with this frustration everyday, because they have what is known as aphasia. Aphasia hinders one’s ability to speak, write and understand both written and verbal language. This talk will introduce the audience to the diversity of aphasia, it will discuss the brain and aphasia research from a clinical perspective, and it will delve into innovative methods for aphasia treatment.

Sadhvi is a shameless lover of broken brains. For 6 exciting years, she has been researching brain injury, dementia, and the use of noninvasive brain stimulation to study and treat brain disorders. When not working with patients or playing with data, she advocates for the development of personalized, continued, and affordable rehabilitation. She received her M.S. in Clinical Investigation from Boston University and is currently finishing up her M.H.S at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.