Welcome, nerds of all kinds, to the second ever Nerd Nite Baltimore! Nerd Nite (in over 90 cities around the world!) combines imbibing and learning. Anyone with a passion can be a Nerd Nite speaker! Our inaugural event was a screaming success and we are back again with three more entertaining presentations. The barkeeps at De Kleine Duivel will keep your glasses full of delightful Belgian beer & spirits. (This is a 21 and over venue.)

Join us for a night of educational drinking! Nerd Nite Baltimore is a bi-monthly event held at a local bar where information combines wth fun. Talks at Nerd Nite are typically 20 minutes with a rollicking Q&A afterward.

This month we have three excellent speakers lined up for your entertainment:

Topic #1:

Chemicals are Delicious: What’s in your food and why you (probably) want it there.

Marie van Staveren, Instructor of Awesome, Community College of Baltimore County

How does Gatorade do its magic? How much coffee is a lethal dose? And what, exactly, are Hot Pockets made of? Everything you eat is made of chemicals; it’s good to know what’s there, and why.

About Marie:

Marie was born in Michigan and got a PhD in lasers and chemistry from UC Irvine. She now teaches chemistry and how to be awesome at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Topic #2:

Reaching for the stars (well one in particular!)

Gregory Carey

I will be talking about how the solar industry works tirelessly every day to help people lead empowered lives. There is a serious energy crisis sneaking up on us, and the solution to it warms our skin every day. We deserve choice in the energy sector, and the choice of using the abundant energy of the Sun is a no brainer.

About Greg:

Former Luthier, Sommelier, and Concierge (I know you will Google at least 1 of those), turned Solar Energy Recruiter and Advocate. I have a serious passion for growing the renewable energy sector in this country so we can all breathe a little easier! When I am not focused on that, you can usually find me on a blues dance or tango dance floor near you!

Topic #3:

Won’t get fooled, a gin. The who? The Baltimore Whiskey Company

Max Lents

A talk about booze. More info to come!